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Response to "Perform Beginner Karate As Advanced"

In response to Perform Beginner Karate As Advanced, Joan (in Albuquerque) wrote:

Dear Sir,

As always, thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it. Your posting on "Perform Beginner Kata as Advanced" made me think of this experience.

A visitor came to our dojo. We are a very small school and so I know all the adult students. I could see him through the window as I parked my car, and of course I didn't recognize him. He was wearing a white belt, and was in the "waiting area" doing a little stretching. It seemed clear to me from his movements and his posture that he was a very advanced student, and I recall thinking "who is that advanced black belt, wearing a white belt, in our dojo?"

It turned out that he was a business man on a trip from a distant city, and was just visiting our dojo for one evening. One of our instructors met me in the "changing room" and told me that our visitor was very advanced and that I must treat him with as much respect as our Sensei; the visitor was just wearing a plain gi and white belt because he was being respectful to us, because he was not of our style.

So, this is a long story to illustrate that a very advanced student of karate can make even standing and stretching look advanced!


Joan (in Albuquerque)
Thank you Joan. I enjoyed your story.